Dock your Boat Safely & Easily - Every time Sideshift Bow and Stern Thrusters make docking fun.Control the movement of your boat in even the windiest condition

Docking with Sideshift

Immediate & Silent Response at your Finger tips

Sideshift bow and stem thrusters provide you with instant response at the touch of a button.

Faster response than traditional thrusters.

Easy Installation

Installed at the perimeter of your boat.

No tunneling through hull.

Less Expensive Than You Think

Fast installation saves you money.

Proven Performance

Installed on thousands of boats of all sizes since 2001.

Customer Reviews

First complete season with our bow Side Shifter. After years and countless attempts to dock with incident, it was just a real joy to come into port and park this boat on a dime. Had lots of boaters in slips nearby looking at the attachment and asking where we got it.

Great product and highly recommend it to anyone.

George Kloet

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Bow & Stern Thrusters

Docking that's as easy as
parking your car

With Sideshift bow and stern thrusters, you can confidently dock your boat in all conditions - confined spaces, wind or currents docking has never been easier.

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